<strong>Propane</strong> Strategic Supply
Propane Strategic Supply
Ray Energy employs a virtually foolproof strategic supply system to ensure you get the propane you need - where and when you need it.
<strong>Propane</strong> Exceptional Service
Propane Exceptional Service
From supply point to final delivery, the people at Ray Energy are dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer service.
<strong>New Customer</strong> Sign-up
New Customer Sign-up
Are you looking for a wholesale propane partner that offers reliable delivery supported by service that goes above and beyond?

The Heffron Blog

Propane Winter Price Forecast
November 15, 2018
About a month ago, a customer asked, “How can I tell the difference between a price correction and the start of a new lower price trend?"
Y-Grade Gets An Incomplete
October 17, 2018
Wondering how the hijinx of Lucy and Ethel relate to the propane market? Well, this particular episode mirrors a similar situation within the energy industry. With NGL now stored as a raw mix (Y-grade), how much propane is really available?
Propane Preparedness Month
September 19, 2018
A major consulting firm for the energy industry recently made significant revisions to its outlook for propane supply and pricing. It's hard to argue against their conclusions.

Dependable Delivery: A Family Tradition Since 1904

Ray Energy Corp.

Founded in 1904, John Ray & Sons began as an ice delivery company. Over the past 112 years, the company increased its product offerings to include coal, wood, kerosene, and home heating oil to customers throughout New York's Greater Capital Region.

Kenneth J. Ray joined the family business in 1975, established a service division, expanded the company's product lines to include gasoline, diesel, and retail propane, and eventually assumed ownership.

When the retail heating oil, propane, and diesel divisions were divested, Ray retained ownership of the company’s premium gasoline division and midstream propane operation. The decision to divest the retail divisions was a carefully considered and strategic decision, resulting in the formation of Ray Energy Corp.

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