Become a Branded Dealer

Ray Energy Marine Gas Ethanol Free GasAre you ready to pump up your profits?  

Discover the advantages of becoming a PitStop or Captain's Choice dealer – and pump up your profits – when you partner with Ray Energy Corp., the exclusive supplier of ethanol-free and high-performance gas with ethanol fuel treatment.

As a station owner, you don’t have to play by big oil company rules. It’s your business. That means you get to make the decisions. Our job is to do everything we can to help your business succeed and grow.

  • Get the high-quality products you want.
    We offer regular, mid-grade, and ethanol-free premium gasoline with our proprietary custom-blended ethanol treatment that prevents gummed carburetors, fuel degradation, and other ethanol-related problems.
  • Choose how much you want.
    There are no minimum gallon requirements.
  • You decide your hours of operation.
    We do not dictate what days and hours you are open. That is completely up to you.
  • We provide signage at no charge. 
    We provide and install all necessary signage for your station without charge.

  • We support your marketing efforts.
    We will work with you to create marketing promotions and campaigns to help educate your customers about the benefits of PitStop High-Performance Gasoline or Captain's Choice Marine Gas and drive business to you.
  • We deliver confidence. 
    PitStop and Captain's Choice stations become known quickly for convenience, service, and high-quality fuel products.

Contact us or call 518-874-4510 today for more information.

Only Ray Energy's proprietary blend of high-performance fuel products keeps engines purring. With every fill-up, your customers get optimum horsepower, improved fuel efficiency, and the inside track to improved performance.

Once your customers start running with Ray Energy high-performance fuel, they’ll keep coming back for more. That means more business and more profits.

For more information about partnering with Ray Energy Corp., please call 518-874-4510 or contact us.