Renewable Propane

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What is Renewable Propane?

  • 100% free of fossil fuels
  • 100% sustainable
  • Less than 50% of the carbon intensity of electricity
  • Sourced and produced in the USA
  • Drop-in fuel, no equipment change-out required
  • Easily stored and transported

Renewable propane is the perfect solution to reduce GHG emissions and help achieve federal and state climate goals with a renewable, sustainable fuel.

Produced from inexpensive and abundant biomass feedstocks and waste products, renewable propane reduces waste deposited in landfills and is sourced and produced entirely within the United State, providing jobs and reducing dependence on foreign fuel sources.

With the same chemical structure as conventional propane, with the same output, renewable propane is compatible with existing propane installations. And, just like conventional propane, it is easily transported and stored. Clean, renewable propane can be used to power and heat homes and business, support micro-grids (remote, grid-connected and networked), provide energy to those who are off-grid, as well as supply back-up power when other power sources are depleted or disrupted.

Renewable Propane Autogas is Carbon Neutral.

When used as a fuel for vehicles (autogas), renewable propane has a carbon intensity of 19 percent, which is five times better than conventional diesel and gasoline and less than half the carbon intensity of electricity. At the point of combustion, renewable propane autogas is carbon neutral, making it much cleaner than other energy sources.

Renewable propane is made from biomass feedstocks and waste products, entirely free of fossil fuels, resulting in a cleaner alternative energy with a lower carbon intensity than electricity, gas, and diesel.

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Propane ensures energy equity and accelerates decarbonization.

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