Strategic Propane Supply

Ray Energy Propane Rail and Truck Terminal

What is strategic supply?

Strategic supply by Ray Energy is the assembly of multiple propane midstream locations, supply scheduling, and coordination of a diversified portfolio of assets to achieve the ultimate goal of providing our customers with an extremely reliable supply of propane.

At one time or another, every propane retailer who has been in the business long enough has seen rail terminal supply interruptions, pipeline allocation, refinery turnarounds, or ships that were delayed. This is why Ray Energy takes an "all of the above" approach to strategic supply and asset management.

Ray Energy employs a virtually foolproof strategic supply system to ensure you get all the propane you need - when you need it.

    • We handle our own propane supply for multiple Northeast rail facilities, our own pipeline supply as Teppco shippers, supply from multiple refineries, and marine import terminal supply.
    • We operate our own advanced GPS-guided fleet of propane transports, ensuring reliable delivery of your propane.
    • Our pricing strategies help you avoid unexpected cost surges, smooth out cash flow, and budget more accurately.

It takes hard work and great attention to detail to put all of this together, but we think you're worth it. And we think you'll be very glad that you have Ray Energy as your propane partner.

Let Ray Energy's team of experts with more than a century of experience provide dependable, affordable solutions to your propane needs.

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