Over a Century of Service

Ray Energy - 1915 Ice Wagon
Cutting-edge energy services.

Founded in 1904, John Ray & Sons began as an ice delivery company. Over the past 116 years, the company increased its product offerings to include coal, wood, kerosene, and home heating oil to customers throughout New York's Greater Capital Region. 

Kenneth J. Ray joined the family business in 1975, started a service division, added gasoline, diesel, and retail propane to the company offerings, and eventually assumed ownership.

When the retail heating oil, propane, and diesel divisions were divested, Ray retained ownership of the company’s premium gasoline division and midstream propane operation. The decision to divest the retail divisions was a carefully considered and strategic decision, resulting in the formation of Ray Energy Corp. 

Ray Energy's midstream wholesale propane division is known for its strategic supply capabilities including pipeline, rail, and marine sources. The company also operates their own logistics services for propane delivery to industrial and wholesale customers. These strategies help customers avoid unexpected cost surges and ensure reliable and timely supply.

As the exclusive supplier of PitStop High-Performance Gasoline, RealGas Plus and Captain’s Choice Marine Gasoline, Ray Energy proudly continues the tradition of reliable delivery, outstanding service, and customer satisfaction established by the Ray family over a century ago.

In addition to delivering high-performance, high-quality fuel products at competitive prices, the company also provides opportunities for gas stations and marinas to become a “partner in profits.” 

The company is committed to pursuing new and innovative energy technologies.

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