Captain's Choice Marine Gasoline

Ray Energy Captains Choice Marine Gas
Leave your worries at the dock.

Captain’s Choice is a premium marine gasoline blend, specially formulated to prevent fuel stability issues and other problems caused by the ethanol in non-marine gasoline.

One of the special features of Captain’s Choice Marine Gasoline is a gas stabilizer which helps keep fuel systems clean and stabilize the gas between uses and during storage of marine products – or any machine that’s idle for prolonged periods.

In addition, Captain’s Choice contains a combination of high-performance additives including detergent, antioxidants, metal deactivators, and corrosion inhibitors that help prevent gummed carburetors, overburdened filters, deterioration of fiberglass fuel tanks, and phase separation.

With every fill-up, you get optimum horsepower, improved fuel efficiency, and peace of mind.

Captain's Choice Marine Gasoline:

  • Retards gum formation
  • Protects against corrosion caused by ethanol-induced water attraction
  • Prevents fuel degradation
  • Keeps your fuel system clean
  • Eliminates carbon build-up
  • Improves performance
  • Increases fuel economy
  • Stabilizes gas between uses and in storage

Captain’s Choice marine gasoline is 100% reliable and readily available – only from Ray Energy Corp., a local supplier and trusted name for over a century. A proprietary combination of high-performance additives already blended into the fuel makes it the simplest, most convenient way to keep engines happy and healthy.

You can find Captain's Choice Marine Gasoline at many marinas along the Hudson River, Mohawk River, the Lake George region, Saratoga Lake, and Sacandaga Lake in New York.

Get on board with Captain's Choice. Your choice for peace of mind.

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