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“Let the beauty we love be what we do.”
- Rumi (1207-1273)

p = mv

We’re expanding, moving forward to better serve you.

In physics, momentum (p) equals mass times velocity. The symbol for momentum (p) is derived from the Latin word “petere” or “to seek”. After all, a thousand pound boulder at rest has mass but no velocity. It seeks nothing other than possibly some moss.

Many people reading this blog know that Ray Energy has been expanding and growing in a number of positive directions. We recently added a talented and experienced Mid-Continent team led by Bryon Muchow who is very well-respected within our industry.

We also embarked upon an exciting new partnership with Inland Fuel Terminals in Plymouth, CT, which adds a major propane distribution terminal in the Northeast (along with reliable transportation) to our network of strategic supply points.

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Terminal Specifications:

  • 8 – Railcar unloading positions
  • 6 – 90,000-gallon tanks
  • 4 – Dedicated transport loading stations capable of loading at 500 gallons per minute
  • Flexible hours of operation

The new Ray Energy supply point offers convenient access to major highways, providing seamless connections to New York, Connecticut, and Western Massachusetts.

Our Growth Is The Result Of Your Success.

But momentum in business involves teamwork. It takes everyone pulling together to achieve a common goal. To put it simply, our growth is the result of your success as we move forward together. And like any good partnership, it’s based on a collaboration where we continue to listen to you, learn what your needs and evolving challenges are, and then work together to find the right solutions.

Our Network of Supply Points Throughout The Eastern and Midwest U.S.

From the strategically located terminal in Plymouth, Connecticut, to our network of supply points throughout the Eastern and Midwest U.S., Ray Energy is dedicated to providing dependable, responsive, and customer-centric fuel distribution solutions. With our extensive infrastructure and commitment to excellence, we stand ready to support your energy needs with efficiency, reliability, and unparalleled service.

The Skinny

Around 500 BC Heraclitus claimed that “life is flux” and it seems that our propane industry is always changing, always striving to be better. Whether it’s to make a clean fuel even cleaner, or to find demand-growth in new markets with new ways, we’re all working together to improve the quality of someone’s life. I think sometimes we forget the value we all bring to society.

At Ray Energy, we’re expanding into new markets and adding new supply points because we want to serve you better. We truly understand that our growth is due to your success. And we want to help.

Business success, as in life, is really pretty simple: “Let the beauty you love be what you do.”

Thank you!

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